June 29th, 2014 – Carsulae, Italy

An enormous outdoor stage  flooded with illumination from well positioned light sources.  High-tech video cameras, microphones and speakers.  Lots and lots of chairs filling up an open field.  The place already looked transformed and all set for a special concert.  But what was really unique that evening was what surrounded us: huge worn stones originally shaped by man more than 2000 years ago which hinted at the grandeur of the past, the ruins of an ancient Roman site.

As you can already imagine, Carsulae is an archeological site dating back to 200-300 B.C.  It’s difficult for the mind to picture how much human history these stones must have witnessed over the centuries and even how much music could have echoed off them and filled the space they once embraced.  The thought of all these added a one-of-a-kind thrill to the atmosphere during my performance, even though it was a rather cool and windy evening.  Lots of clips were needed for the music stands to ensure that only the music and not the sheet music was taking flight!   My fingers were cold but my spirit was warm.  An unforgettable experience!