October 5th, 2013 – Dunham, Quebec

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Dear Readers,

I’ve been to Germany many times, but I’ve never been to the specific region of Bavaria.  So I was curious to learn that the venue for my next recital, a special fundraising event to benefit the Montreal Bach Festival, was at the Bayerischer Hof located in a 250 acres Bavarian domain  in the town of Dunham, within the Eastern Township region of Quebec.

When I arrived, I felt like I was no longer in Quebec.  The style of the many houses, the Bavarian flag, and the breathtaking landscape in the background all evoke images of the real Bavaria.  It was as if  I have been served some very delightful appetizers that I cannot wait to experience the real thing.  To set the mood even more, a horseback riding show took place before the concert. During the concert, which included works by Brahms and Bach, the smell of fresh manure and the warmth of the beautiful wood interior of the concert space really provided me with some immediate inspiration.

My parents and I stayed in the property’s guest house overnight.  Before we left in the morning, we took a stroll around the property to witness the beautiful autumn colours, fresh cool air, and peaceful nature.  Wherever I go, I always try to absorb as much of my surroundings, because music and nature really do go hand in hand. They both invigorate the senses and calm the soul.