Padova, Italy – The Manuscript

Tartini Manuscript Copy from Maestro Claudio Scimone

Dear readers,

Just after my concert with I Solisti Veneti in Padova, Maestro Claudio Scimone was so generous to personally come to my hotel and present me with a beautifully packaged manuscript copy of Tartini’s 26 solo violin sonatas.  I was in the perfect place to receive this tremendous gift, as it was here in Padova where Tartini died in 1770.  He also studied at the University of Padova.

Looking at the manuscript copy, one can see dirt marks, scribbles, archive stamps, and notes that Tartini made beside his compositions. A lot of editing and additions can also be seen in the difference of handwriting and ink thickness between one part and another.  For a short instance, I could almost convince myself that I was holding the original manuscript, looking back a few hundred years first hand and observing the process in which masterpieces were composed.  Just like my Guarnerius fiddle, the old scores hold a great amount of history.

This document will, no doubt, be an inspiring reference when I explore more of Tartini’s music in the future.  Moreover, I will  treasure this most as a special gift from Maestro Scimone in Padova, where this great tradition of music comes from.